Servicing and maintenance

Servicing and maintenance


01_Carrosserie-expressAny small dents or scratches on your vehicle’s bodywork can be repaired by our specialists in less than 24 hours*!

To repair minor impacts and restore your vehicle to its original condition, our selection of attractively priced bodywork services will make your vehicle look as good as new.

*From the time you leave your vehicle in the workshop and subject to  network availability.



03_Bilan-climatisationYou use your air conditioning system in different ways at different times of year. For optimal comfort and safety, your system requires regular servicing.

Our technicians carry out eight specific checks on your air conditioning system to ensure that it is in perfect working order, that the air is correctly filtered, and that the window demister functions correctly.

The air conditioning check ensures comfort and perfect visibility on the road.


04_Offre-de-pré-contrôle-techniqueWhen your vehicle is due for its compulsory technical inspection, our technicians can carry out a check-up on any make of car.

Our experts check all parts of your vehicle and inform you of any essential repairs. If you wish, we can carry out the repairs in our workshops. As a result, you do not need to worry about the demands of the technical inspection.

Your vehicle must undergo its first compulsory inspection in the six months preceding the fourth anniversary of its first model year. Thereafter, it must take the test every two years.