Mirror Screen

The function Mirror Screen, via Android Car, Apple CarPlay™ and MirrorLink®, makes it possible to find the compatible applications of sound smartphone on the tactile shelf.

Mirror Screen makes it possible to benefit from the compatible applications and the contents of your smartphone on the tactile shelf. It is more practical, it is simpler and it is surer.



With Mirror Screen, your smartphone and the touch screen of your Citroën do only one.
Your preferred applications follow you daily, including during your journeys in the car! Mirror Screen replicates the posting of your apps on your touch screen.
You just have to connect your smartphone using a cable then to activate the mode Mirror Screen on the touch screen. Mirror Screen uses the subscription of your smartphone and does not generate any additional expenses of subscription*.
Besides offering a better visibility than on the screen of origin, that enables you to interact with your applications in full safety: voice or gesture, launch web-radio, dictate a SMS (or make it read you) without leaving the road from the eyes!
* Except purchase of paying applications, subscriptions related to the applications or expenses of travelling abroad. The function Mirror Screen is proposed in option or in sery according to versions.



Apple-Car-Play_555X318If you use an iPhone, Apple CarPlay™ offers an intuitive way to you to give calls, to use Plane, listen to music and to reach your messages, using your voice or a finger.
Without leaving the road from the eyes, activate the Siri speech recognition starting from the touch screen of your car or while maintaining pushed the button of vocal control under the steering wheel. Siri will give access to your contacts, to give calls, to listen to and dictate your messages without looking at your iPhone.
Apple CarPlay™ also enables you to benefit from certain audio applications like Spotify or Stitcher while leading.


Android.auto.logo.custom_555X318To use Android Car (™), you must get a vehicle or a car radio installed after the purchase, compatible with Android Car (™) and a telephone equipped with Android 5.0 (Lollipop) or later version. First, download the application Android Car on your smartphone from Google Play store. When you connect your compatible Android telephone to the vehicle or the car radio, your applications will be displayed on the screen of the vehicle thanks to Android Car (™). For more information about the compatibility of Android Car (™), please consult the support.google.com/androidauto page.



MirrorLink® makes it possible to use easily and in full safety the applications ** of your smartphone*, directly on the screen of your car, with an interface adapted with use while driving: navigation, driving assistance, music, telephony…
The applications function on the smartphone, but are displayed on the screen of your vehicle, and you hear their sounds on the integrated audio system of the car.
A whole panel of applications used daily can be replicated, in a format adapted to driving, in order to allow you to interact with them, safely.
* So compatible.
** If compatible application.
Mirror Screen is available on C1, C3, C3 Aircross, C-Elysée, C4 SpaceTourer, C5 Aircross, SpaceTourer