• New DS 4 - finitions - Chic



    Available engines:

    • PURETECH 130 S&S BVM6,
    • BLUEHDI 120 S&S BVM6


    • ABS with REF, AFU and ESP
    • Hill start assist
    • Front, side front and curtain airbags
    • Body-colour front bumper
    • Air conditioning
    • Dashboard with customisable colour from white to blue
    • Low tyre pressure detector
    • Chrome side window surrounds
    • Rear lighting with light guides
    • LED daytime running lights
    • 16” alloy wheels
    • Tyre repair kit
    • Electric front windows
    • Acoustic panoramic windscreen
    • Leather gear knob and gaiter
    • Fog lamps with static intersection lighting
    • Cruise control / speed limiter
    • Defrosting electric mirrors
    • Height-adjustable driver’s seat
    • CD MP3 6 HP mono-tuner audio system
    • Split-leather-clad steering wheel
    • Steering wheel adjustable in height and depth
    • Lacina and Omni reps fabrics
  • New DS 4 - finitions - Be Chic



    Available engines:

    • PURETECH 130 S&S BVM6,
    • BLUEHDI 120 S&S BVM6


    Be Chic = Chic + Equipment


    • Rear park assist
    • Low-beam lights turn on automatically
    • Two-zone automatic air conditioning
    • Automatic front windscreen wipers
    • Automatic electric parking brake
    • Hands-free Bluetooth kit and USB socket
    • Handheld torch in the boot
    • Electrochromic interior mirror
    • Electric exterior mirrors
    • Front seats with lumbar ajustment
    • CD MP3 6 HP dual-tuner audio system
    • Leather-clad steering wheel
    • Lacina and Omni reps fabrics
  • New DS 4 - finitions - So Chic




    Available engines:

    • PURETECH 130 S&S BVM6,
    • THP 165 S&S EAT6,
    • BLUEHDI 120 S&S BVM6,
    • BLUEHDI 150 S&S BVM6,
    • BLUEHDI 180 S&S


    So Chic = Be Chic + Equipment

    • Rear central arm rest
    • LED scrolling indicators
    • 17” diamond-cut wheels
    • Headlamp washers
    • LED fog lamps
    • DS LED Vision lighting
    • Metallic front door thresholds
    • Height-adjustable front passager seat
    • Front and rear carpet mats
    • Audio system on the 7″ touchscreen tablet
    • Drawers under the front seats
    • Leather/fabric upholstery
  • New DS 4 - finitions - Sport Chic



    Available engines:

    • PURETECH 130 S&S BVM6,
    • THP 165 S&S EAT6,
    • THP 210 S&S BVM6, 
    • BLUEHDI 120 S&S BVM6,
    • BLUEHDI 150 S&S BVM6,
    • BLUEHDI 180 S&S


    Sport Chic = So Chic + Equipment

    • Hands-free access and start
    • Front park assist
    • Chrome side mouldings
    • Reversing camea
    • DS Connect Box with SOS and Assistance Pack included (1)
    • 18″ diamond-cut alloy wheels
    • Chrome bead on front door handles
    • Aluminium pedals and footrest
    • Exterior mirrors geared to reversing
    • Massaging front seats with electric lumbar adjustment
    • Navigation system on the 7″ touchscreen tablet
    • Blind spot monitoring system
    • Tinted rear and back windows
    • Leather and other materials



    A powerful and distinctive style. With its flowing lines and bold personality, New DS 4 combines elegance with a sporty performance. New DS 4 features the DS brand’s new aesthetic signature, the DS Wings grille, which adds personality and refinement.



    With 11 interior finishes and the new Platinum Grey colour, New DS 4 offers a range of combinations that will satisfy your longing for a difference and refinement.  Two-tone bodywork with a roof, spoiler, door window shells in Perla Nera Black, Whisper, Virtual Blue and Tourmaline Orange.



    With the new DS LED Vision signature, New DS 4 boasts LED and xenon technologies, with LED indicator lights and fog lights that are unique on the market, and static intersection lighting.  Distinctive right from first sight, these lights achieve superior performance, consume 38% less energy and offer more lighting power than halogen technology.



    The materials in New DS 4 were chosen with the greatest care to combine a soft feel with strong resistance to use, while still looking good over time.
    All the leathers are produced and selected using the most demanding processes: grained leather, Nappa leather, semi-Aniline leather, with exclusive watch strap stitching and a dash that is completely leather-coated.



    More power and more torque, with reduced CO2 emissions thanks to the new BlueHDi and PureTech technologies, for an even more pleasant drive with no compromises.
    Pleasure at the wheel and reduced fuel consumption with the new EAT6 automatic gearbox that combines outstanding performance with shifting times that are 40% shorter.

    new_ds4_sensensation de conduite


    You will love the feeling of agility and safety under all circumstances.
    Greater driving pleasure, thanks to a firmer attitude. New DS 4 offers a pleasant drive both in towns and cities, and on longer trips on the open road.
    Its feel for the road is a source of pleasure and a sense of security that is reinforced by modern features, such as the lane change warning system, blind spot monitor and the cruise control-speed limiter.
    You will travel in the top-class, dynamic comfort suggested by the car’s body shape that combines compact exterior dimensions (4.28m) and enough room onboard for five people. Without forgetting the smart and practical features of New DS 4, such as the spacious (359 l VDA) and modular (tailgate, 1/3 – 2/3 folding seats) boot.



    Welcoming and exacting, New DS 4 boasts a harmonious interior design, with a dash that is readily accessible and reduced noise levels. Not to mention the comfortable massaging seats and the two-zone air conditioning with three degrees of intensity and the REST function (the ventilation continues to work for passengers for a few minutes after the engine stops).



    Latest-generation equipment. You will quickly realise that New DS 4 is designed to make you feel good, with its hands-free start and access, the Start button, an audio system with spatialised sound, the DENON hi-fi system, a 230V power outlet, etc.



    New DS 4’s safety technology will make you feel perfectly safe onboard. Blind spot monitoring, lane departure warning system, DS LED Vision headlights, hill start assist and the DS Connect Box, with the Pack SOS and assistance included. This ground-breaking system automatically makes localised emergency and assistance calls to the emergency services.



    The high-tech driving experience just got better with the new colour, 7″ touch screen. This latest-generation screen is a revolution in terms of connectivity, ease of use and functionality. You and your New DS 4 are connected: touch-sensitive navigation and the leading edge Mirror Screen and Apple CarPlay™ technologies to duplicate and control the content a your compatible smartphone.




  • New DS 4’s excellent roadholding is unbeatable. It is fitted with equipment designed to make driving easier and more pleasant.
    The ABS and ESP keep the car on the right line, even in the most perilous driving conditions:

    • the electronic brake distribution and emergency stop assist make for improved control under braking,
    • the hill start assist gets the car off to a safe start even in the most diverse and difficult situations.
    • the cruise control and speed limiter make for an easier drive in complete peace of mind.
    • the gear shift indicator analyses your driving style and tells you when it’s time to change gear, for a more ecological drive (only on models with a manual gearbox).


  • You will appreciate the new automatic 6-speed gearbox that offers outstanding performance, with gear shifts that are 40% faster and excellent comfort of use, with reduced vibrations. The ideal balance between reduced fuel consumption and a pleasant drive! With its new automatic EAT6 automatic gearbox, New DS 4 will surprise you by its agility,and its smooth yet dynamic drive:

    • faster and smoother gear changes,
    • reduced internal friction, etc.


  • The new fuel-efficient and powerful engines hoist New DS 4 to the same level as its most prestigious premium rivals.
    Reconciling the irreconcilable:
    All of the petrol and diesel engines on offer combine power (120 to 210 hp), reduced fuel consumption (between 3.7 l/100 and 5.9 l / 100), while respecting the environment (between 97 and 138 g/km of CO2).



    All the engines are equipped with Stop&Start technology that cuts fuel consumption in city driving and reduces noise levels when the car comes to a temporary standstill (traffic lights, traffic jams, etc.).

    With the PureTech 130 S&S manual 6-speed, the THP165 S&S EAT6 and the THP 210 S&S manual 6-speed powerplants, three petrol engines are on offer that will impress you with their power, reduced weight and low consumption. All these engines meet the Euro6 anti-pollution standard.



    We know that you love driving, which is the reason why the DS brand gives you what you want:
    With this standard-setter on the C premium saloon market, you will benefit from the improved efficiency offered by DS technology, with the Puretech 130 S&S manual 6-speed engine that, with emissions of just 116g/km of CO2, is one of the most fuel-efficient engines on the market:

    • If you like a smooth and agile drive, then you will love the THP 165 S&S EAT6 engine, that will satisfy your desire for performance, while consuming just 5 .5 l/100 and emitting 128 g/km of CO2.
    • If you prefer to always have some more power in store, then the THP 210 S&S manual 6-speed engine is made for you, consuming just 5 .9 l/100 and emitting 138 g/km of CO2.



    The BlueHDi engines offer excellent performance in terms of fuel consumption, CO2 emissions and torque.
    All the diesel engines feature the DS Brand’s BlueHDi technology and a new exhaust line that drastically reduces NOx emissions (nitrogen oxide) and further reduces CO2 emissions.

    What is BlueHDi technology?

    • A particulate filter with an additive that eliminates 99.9% of particles in terms of numbers, irrespective of their size and the driving conditions,
    • the Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) post-treatment system, installed just before the DPF with the additive, that eliminates up to 90% of the nitrogen oxide (NOx) emitted by the engine.



    The DS brand offers the very best of its technology so that you can experience the ultimate driving pleasure:

    • The BlueHDi 120 S&S manual 6-speed sets the standard on the C premium saloon market, with CO2 emissions of just 97 g/km. It consumes 3.7 l/100 km.
    • The BlueHDi 120 S&S EAT6 engine consumes 3.8 l/100 km and emits 99 g/km of CO2.
    • The BlueHDi 150 S&S manual 6-speed engine consumes 3.8 l/100 km and emits 98 g/km of CO2.
    • The BlueHDi 180 S&S EAT6 engine consumes 4.3 l/100 km and emits 113 g/km of CO2.




  • New DS 4 - Polar White
  • New DS 4 - Polar White

Polar White

  • Polar White

    Polar White
  • Pearl White

    Pearl White
  • Ink blue

    Ink blue
  • Artense Gray

    Artense Gray
  • Platinium Gray

    Platinium Gray
  • Perla Nera Black

    Perla Nera Black
  • Rubi Red

    Rubi Red
  • Whisper



  • New DS 4 - détails - Exterior


    Right from first sight, New DS 4 stands out as a prestigious and dynamic saloon. It boasts all the vitality, style and elegance that are characteristic of the DS Brand!
    With its compact profile and flowing lines, New DS 4 promises a new form of agility and thrills at the wheel.

    As an incarnation of the new styling codes of the DS Brand, New DS 4 features the new DS Wings grille, evocative of a strong temperament and ultimate elegance.

    New DS 4 - détails - Exterior


    New DS 4 features the new DS LED Vision light signature.

    Resembling embedded stones, these headlights make a significant contribution to the identity of the front end, while offering quality lighting and, above all, perfectly illustrating all the refinement and the attention to detail of the DS Brand.

    New DS 4 - détails - Exterior


    New DS 4 reflects your image and meets your desires, with nine bodywork colours and four two-tone combinations. You are unique and you want to stand out from the crowd. New DS 4 can be personalised with two-tone roofs that are unique in the C premium saloon segment.

    New DS 4 is personalised in the personalisation workshop in our plant in Mulhouse, where the special paint booth allows the range of possibilities for pearly and metallic colours on the roof and spoiler to be extended: Perla Nera Black, Virtual Blue, Whisper and Tourmaline Orange.

  • New DS 4 - détails - Interior


    Authentic materials and elegance down to the finest details onboard. The top quality leathers include the semi-Aniline, which is the most luxurious leather used in cars.
    – The Nappa leather is full grain, which means that it keeps all its original thickness and contains no, or very few, defects (no mechanical correction and no scrubbing). The skins do not undergo any mechanical treatments to even the grain, which remains totally natural.
    – The semi-Aniline leather has a natural grain that keeps the original appearance of the skin, while remaining perfectly adapted to the wear to which it is exposed in vehicles. The treatment is very light in order to keep the grain as natural as possible.

    All the leathers undergo the most stringent production and selection processes:
    – it takes 21 steps to produce the skins,
    – strict selection of the skins amongst the very best producers in Europe. The skins are selected according to visual (defects), tactile, olfactory and colorimetric criteria.

    Most of the skins used for the Nappa and semi-Aniline leathers come from Bavaria, in southern Germany, and Austria, where the animals are reared in pastures without any barbed wire.

    New DS 4 - détails - Interior


    Exclusive upholstery and features specific to DS, expressed by the design of the parts onboard:
    – The steering wheel is one of the most refined features of the cockpit of New DS 4. It stands out thanks to the quality of the grains and the leather:
    • Smooth rough leather
    • Full-grain leather
    • Full-grain leather with Habana rim and airbag cushion and Habana pushbuttons

    – The watch strap stitching on the seats, a world exclusive for DS, and the embossed DS logo are the perfect expression of the DS aesthetic codes. The metal and aluminium décor features the Brand’s emblem. Without forgetting the leather-coated dashboard, which demands 8 hours of manual labour. New DS 4 is the combination of the best of two worlds: traditional craftsmanship, with all its exceptional know-how, and industrial design that guarantees irreproachable quality.

    New DS 4 - détails - Interior


    As the perfect combination of vitality and elegance, the interior of New DS 4 is in perfect harmony with the exterior. You will be bowled over by the uncluttered cab and a technological environment that makes you feel good and heightens your pleasure at the wheel.
    The touch screen, which simplifies the dashboard, and the new automatic gear shift with its leather garter, create a sense of lightness and fluidity.

    New DS 4 is unique in its segment. It takes good care of you and your front passenger, thanks to its seats equipped with a massaging function. The lumber massage offers luxurious comfort. The onboard experience becomes simply remarkable enters a new dimension that can be shared by you and your passenger.

    New DS 4 - détails - Interior


    With the new 7″ touch screen, you can use the GPS, plus numerous audio and connectivity functions (a digital tuner, a 7GB built-in jukebox, the jack connector, Bluetooth, a USB port and the CD player). The touch-sensitive navigation system works with Mirror Screen, which includes the Mirror Link and Car Play protocols, and is also coupled to the reversing camera. Take a seat in this attractive and modern ambience, which combines refinement and the very latest technology.

    For greater safety and peace of mind, New DS 4 is also equipped with the DS Box, with the SOS & Assistance Pack, a ground-breaking system that automatically makes localised emergency and assistance calls to the appropriate emergency services in the event of a problem.

    New DS 4 - détails - Interior


    If you run into trouble, your vehicle is equipped with an assistance system that sends a message for help. If you are witness to an emergency situation, you can also use the SOS button to call for the most appropriate assistance.

    New packs are now available for even greater comfort and safety:

    • the Monitoring pack: virtual maintenance manual (automatic monitoring of mileage and alerts when a service is due), eco-driving (individual advice based on your style of driving) and usage reports (a summary of the use made of the vehicle)
    • the Mapping pack: localisation of the vehicle, display of routes and information on the use of the vehicle, if you lend it to someone else
    • the Tracking pack: geolocalisation of the vehicle in the event of theft.

  • New DS 4 - détails - Technology for safety


    The exclusive expertise and know-how of the DS Brand. The DS LED Vision technology offers a far superior lighting performance, in terms of width and length. Both the low-beam and the high-beam lights are more efficient.

    In addition to its distinctive design, this technology offers two important advantages to improve your safety and well-being:
    – Savings of 38% compared with halogen headlights
    – Significantly higher lighting power

    New DS 4 - détails - Technology for safety


    A latest-generation device that improves visibility.

    A LED comes on in one of the door windows to tell the driver that there is a vehicle or a motorbike in the blind spot.

    New DS 4 - détails - Technology for safety


    On motorways or dual carriageways, at speeds in excess of 80 kph, the lane departure warning system (LDWS) detects that the vehicle is crossing the solid or dotted road markings, the an indicator light is not flashing.

    Inattentive drivers are alerted by a vibrator in the seat, on the side to which the vehicle is drifting, so that they can react in time.

    New DS 4 - détails - Technology for safety


    Irrespective of the type of road and engine, this system, coupled with the ESP,  helps you to get off to a good start on slippery surfaces and optimises grip by limiting wheelspin.

    New DS 4 - détails - Technology for safety


    Your new DS 4 ships with an innovative, comprehensive braking system:
    – an ABS (Anti-Blocking System) feature that adjusts braking pressure electronically to stop the wheels locking

    – Electronic Brakeforce Distribution (EBD) that distributes braking power evenly to all wheels
    – Emergency Braking Assistance (EBA) that boosts braking power instantly when the driver presses hard on the brake pedal.

    New DS 4 - détails - Technology for safety


    In limiter mode, you can select the maximum speed that must not be exceeded. If you try to go faster that the set speed, the accelerator pedal becomes inactive. However, when in need, a sharp push on the pedal allows the car to exceed the programmed speed.

    In cruise control mode, you can select the cruising speed that your New DS 4 will maintain, without pressing the pedal, for a more comfortable drive. You can take control of your speed at any time, by decelerating or accelerating.

    New DS 4 - détails - Technology for safety


    Coupled to the automatic windscreen wipers, the automatic lighting function switches on the sidelights and the low-beam lights in the event of poor light and rain. The rear lights and number plate light are also switched on.

    As soon as the level of light becomes sufficient again, or the windscreen wipers stop, the lights go out automatically.

    New DS 4 - détails - Technology for safety


    The fog lamps come with the cornering light function. If your NEW DS 4 is equipped with DS LED Vision, these fog lamps inaugurate the LED technology.

    This smart function shines an extra light beam on the interior of corners, increasing visibility and safety in corners and at intersections.

    The offer greater visibility and allow drivers to spot other users and obstacles earlier in the corner. An important safety feature, when you think that at 110 kph, more than 30 metres are covered every second.

    This function either comes automatically from a certain angle of rotation of the steering wheel, or when the corresponding indicator light is switched on.

    New DS 4 - détails - Technology for safety


    You won’t be able to do without it any more! The immensely popular front and rear park assist system offers simple assistance when parking.

    Four sensors in the bumper inform drivers of the presence of an obstacle in their detection zone, when the vehicle is travelling at less than 10 kph. The sound signal increases in frequency as the vehicle approaches the obstacle and turns into a continuous sound when the obstacle is less than 30 centimetres away.

    New DS 4 - détails - Technology for safety


    For a more economical, and therefore ecological drive, your New DS 4 features a gear shift indicator that analyses your driving style and tells you when the time is right to shift up to a higher gear.

    New DS 4 - détails - Technology for safety


    This automatic tyre pressure monitoring system detects low tyre pressure when driving that may affect the stability of the vehicle and the safety of its occupants.

  • New DS 4 - détails - Technology for Comfort


    New DS 4’s ambition is to make your life easier. The hands-free access and starter system recognises the owner as soon as they approach New DS 4.

    The vehicle can be opened by placing your hand behind one of the door handles. And pressing the START button is all it takes to start the vehicle. The vehicle can be locked by simply brushing one of the handles with your hand.

    New DS 4 - détails - Technology for Comfort


    Your New DS 4 offers you and your passengers optimal comfort with its automatic air conditioning with the REST function and three modes: light, medium and intense. This function is very useful during short stops, because the passenger compartment continues to be ventilated for a few minutes after the engine is switched off.

    The availability of this function depends on the charge level of the battery.
    The ventilation can be switched on and off by pressing the REST button. The air flow and distribution are controlled automatically.

    New DS 4 - détails - Technology for Comfort


    New DS 4 comes with seats with a massaging function, to consolidate it position as a premium, range-topping saloon. The lumber massage makes for unmatched comfort and driving pleasure. The onboard experience becomes quite remarkable and enters a new dimension.

    To spare the car’s battery, this function is only available when the engine is running or in the STOP mode of the Stop&Start. When the function is activated, the massages consist of six 10-minute cycles (a 6-minute massage followed by a 4-minute pause). After 1 hour, the function is deactivated.

    New DS 4 - détails - Technology for Comfort


    For even more comfort and technology, a warning system measures the distance from obstacles, with an audio signal at the front and a camera at the rear.

    When combined with the new 7″ touch screen, the reversing camera sends a colour image to the vehicle’s screen. Drivers can manoeuvre in complete safety, thank to the coloured visual markings.

  • New DS 4 - détails - Technology for the environment


    Right from the design phase, a special effort was made to limit the environmental impact of New DS 4 as much as possible, by using recycled and natural materials that reduce the ecological footprint of the materials used in the vehicle.
    Your New DS 4 contains an average of 29% of recycled and natural materials.
    15% of the 200 kg of polymers are recycled and natural and are broken down as follows:
    – 40% of natural materials
    – 60% recycled materials

    Your New DS 4 respects your ecological conscience. New DS 4 is designed to significantly reduce its environmental impact in the realms of recycling and the materials used in the vehicle, and by taking actions to:
    – encourage the recycling of the vehicle when its reached its end of life,
    – control and monitor the composition of the substances used,
    – achieve good results in terms of reuse and recyclability.

    New DS 4 - détails - Technology for the environment


    Your New DS 4 respects your ecological conscience. New DS 4 is designed to significantly reduce its environmental impact in the realms of recycling and the materials used in the vehicle, and by taking actions to:

    – encourage the recycling of the vehicle when its reached its end of life,
    – control and monitor the composition of the substances used,
    – achieve good results in terms of reuse and recyclability.